The Magic of Street Photography
6 months ago

The Magic of Street Photography


Street photography is an art of showing life in its most real element through the eye of the camera. This type of photography started in the end of the 19th century and when portable cameras became famous and common. Unlike its name, street photography doesn’t limit photos to only be taken on the streets. A street photographer can take photos in malls, parks, shopping centers, or anywhere where there are real people and are doing their daily chores.

These photos need to be taken randomly. The purpose of taking these photos is simply to show the life of people. It can also entail a specific life for a feature or article. Some people also call street photos candid photos, but not all candid photos can be street photos because for a candid photo the photographer does not need the real elements.  The photographer can arrange the shot, as they want. Street photography does not require people in photos; it can be about shopping centers, unique and antique things, stalls, or whatever catches the eye of the photographer. This photography is full of fascinating things and people, and it’s a passion for all street photographers to fully capture all that fascination through the eyes of the camera.

This photography is not something that can be created. Photos need to be taken in their original form. For taking good photos, it is important to have good light and an interesting environment. For this, the photographer needs to be in the spot he wants to capture during the best time for the perfect light. This photography shows the real emotions of the people, small movements, and little objects, which is why the street photographer needs to be a good observer with a very keen eye.

Framing and timing are also very important to get the exact photo desired. It is very important to value the privacy of people who are being captured in the camera. It is a good thing to ask to the person if he or she wants to be captured in the shot or not. A good photographer will only take photos that can send a message to the world. The talent a photographer has can bring a very big change in the world, and it’s their duty to use that talent for the greater good of the world. A street photographer’s work is very hard because they do not have any control on the results of the photography. It depends totally on luck whether the result will be desirable or not. That makes the photographer quite nervous in their work.

Things can be a lot more different when from a person thought. A picture can have improper focus, background distractions, photo bombing, and many other thing that can make the editing very difficult, sometimes impossible, causing all that hard work to go to waste. Still many people give their whole lives to this passion and become very famous because a small photo can be worth a whole lot. A photo can change people’s perspective about life or a specific thing. If a photographer uses their talent carefully and for good purpose, they can make people change their way of thinking in a positive manner.


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