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Top Signature Scents You Can Copy from Luxe Hotels
2 months ago

Top Signature Scents You Can Copy from Luxe Hotels

The next time you visit a luxury hotel, notice how the place is designed to stimulate your senses. From the architectural design, lighting, up to music, each aspect is well planned to help draw guests in. Even the scent of the hotel lures you in and makes you feel comfortable. Take a moment to notice how the fragrances dispersed from the common areas up to your room subtly affects your mood. The hotel lobby is filled with fig fragrance, making you feel at ease as you book your accommodation. The spa’s peppermint smell makes you want to lounge around and get a relaxing massage. Your room’s soothing lavender smell allows you to sleep soundly. With all these factors in mind, who wouldn’t want to extend their staycation in a luxury hotel?

This is exactly how these hotels use smell to stimulate not only your olfactory senses but also your memories and emotions. Scent has a strong effect to customers and guests even if it is just flying under the radar. Some may think that sight and sound are better options in catching the attention of guests, but the fragrance targets more than what meets the eye. The sense of smell has a direct connection to certain parts of brain that is responsible for processing emotion and memory. However, not everyone will have the same reaction to scent. Your friend’s favorite perfume, might smell like an ammonia to you. Or while some enjoy the smell of cinnamon, it might cause you to feel dizzy or nauseous. So if you are wondering what hotel scent will work best for your business, here are the top scents luxury hotels use to attract guests.

Ocean Scent – this scent is particularly applicable and ideal for hotels near the beach. Guests will surely love the fresh and relaxing fragrance of the ocean. This particular hotel scent contains the fragrances of natural brine and marine life. It is used to remind guests of the ocean’s cool breeze and warm sunny day by the beach. Ocean scent can be used in hotel spas, lobbies, and other common areas. It can also be used even by those hotels that are not set near the beach but still wish to use this scent to remind their guests of the ocean.

Lemongrass – this hotel scent has a refreshing, sweet, and tangy aroma. It is combined of wood, jasmine, and rose notes. Some even have notes of mandarin and bergamot scent. It can evoke your guests’ memories and emotions. You can use this hotel scent in guest rooms, lobbies, as well as other common areas.

White Tea and Thyme – if you want to a crisp and clean fragrance dispersed in your hotel, consider the white tea and thyme scent. Thyme balances the sage and rose petals in this fragrance, creating a subtle and earthy aroma. This kind of scent is highly advisable for hotels who have Asian guests. The earthy fragrance and woodsy quality of white tea and thyme will surely remind guests of various aspects of Asian culture.

Fresh Rain – do you want to diffuse a clean and fresh aroma in your hotel? Fresh rain is a great option for you. It brings the message of a fresh start to your guests. It even promotes leisure and relaxation.

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