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How to Gain Fashion Industry Skills Without Attending a Fashion School
7 months ago

How to Gain Fashion Industry Skills Without Attending a Fashion School

Many dream of a career in fashion. They want to become a top-paid fashion designer, a celebrity stylist, or even an adored fashion blogger. You are one of these dreamers. Unfortunately, dreams of a fashion career doesn’t come cheap, and you currently cannot afford to pay for fashion school.

Do not lose hope, because there are numerous ways to pursue and learn about fashion without attending one of the top design and fashion schools.

Pick a Career Path

Decide what part of fashion captures your attention the most. Is it the creative, design side? Do you study the latest trends? Do you spend hours writing reports on how this new designer will revolutionize the fashion industry?

Finding the right career path allows you to focus your areas of study.

Know Your History

Start by researching the most informative and interesting books about fashion. Read a few books that focus just on the general history of fashion. Next, read books that focus on specific brands, designers, fashion eras and styles.

Read as much as possible by using your local library. Next, subscribe to a few fashion magazines, such as Elle, Women’s Wear Daily, Harper’s Bazaar, and Vogue. Also use your local library branch to read even more magazines. A library card grants you access to both physical and digital copies.

Read international magazines as well, because they help you understand the global fashion industry. These international magazines might also give you new designers to admire and use for design inspiration. Most chain bookstores like Barnes and Noble carry copies of global magazines such as Vogue Italia and Elle UK.

Pick a Blogger

Subscribe to the emailing list of popular blogs and sites. A few sites to add to your list are and Remember to also seek out niche blogs that focus on your desired field of expertise.

Take Classes

Check your nearest fashion design school for online or part-time courses. You may even find useful courses at community colleges. Generally avoid taking courses that generate too much debt.

Another educational route is to use sites like Udemy for fashion courses. You can find many different fields of fashion offered on the site, including introduction to fashion blogging courses. Save on any Udemy certification course with Groupon’s online discounts.

Enhance Your Skills

Learn to sew, and draw hand and digital sketches to become a fashion designer. Learn how to match patterns, materials, and accessories to become a stylist. Also develop killer networking skills. Learn fashion lingo and how to create compelling content to become a fashion writer. Give pictures of clothing life to become a fashion photographer.

For your career success, master the most important skills of your chosen profession.

Get an Internship or Mentorship

Many fashion internships are reserved for students, so they are extremely competitive and hard for non-students to obtain. The key to landing a fashion internship is having a strong portfolio, a few impressive recommendations, and a credible fashion background. Therefore, make sure to take every opportunity offered to help build experience and a positive reputation.

Another route is to seek out someone  that you admire and ask them to mentor you. It helps if you have a direct connection to that potential mentor, either via a friend or family member. Do not give up if you have no direct connection to your desired mentor, a well-crafted letter of introduction may be enough to start the process of building a relationship.

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