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Home remedies to remove stains
6 months ago

Home remedies to remove stains

Footprints, coffee stains and pet hairs stick to the carpet as a nail attracts towards the magnet. These three things are the worst enemies of carpets and the hardest to remove. Dirty carpets can cause many health issues such as asthma and skin allergies. Living in room with dirty carpet is life threading for those people who are already facing medical problems. Cleaning carpet is not an easy task especially when stains and prints are old and carpet has not been cleaned for a long time. Those people, who know the risks of dirty carpers, keep doing Natural Carpet Cleaning so that their carpets do not get to much stained.

Different types of stains and spots different types of cleaning, not all stains can be cleaned will same methods. Before starting the cleaning, it is very important to know what types of stains the carpet has and what type of solution or method will be best for the carpet.

Your carpets can have different kinds of stains because of different reasons. The marks of natural eating products like fruits, milk and such things are easy to remove. The stains of water-based products can be removed with water mixed detergent. White vinegar is also very helpful to remove stains of water based food products.  Inks of pens can also be removed with same method.

Drinks like red wine and coffee leave dark stains, which are not easy to remove. The mixture of water and detergent is not strong enough for these stains in fact this mixture can leave a stain of its own on the carper. The best way to removing these stains is soda water or tonic water.

Oil stains are very bad; these stains are hardest to remove from any kind of cloth. To remove these stains from carpets, keep an old cloth on the stain and skim the iron on it, keep the heat of the iron medium. With the help of the heat, the oil will transfer to the cloth.

These methods are very simple still have many benefits but it is also important to get the carpet cleaned professionally at least once a year. There are many professional carpet cleaners but very few are those, which are offering all updated and unique techniques such as . This company is the oldest but it is updating cleaning technique according to the requirements of today’s world.

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